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At Safe Place Greece, we believe that the survival of humanity is dependent on how we love and care for the most vulnerable among us. We envision a world where race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, and country of origin, no longer separate us.
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Providing a safe home and loving community to LGBT refugees in Athens. To focus on integration, AHC conducts case-work and offers community center classes and events.
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SPGreece's core mission is to empower double-marginalized refugee/migrant groups through projects focusing on basic needs like food, shelter, and integration.

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We envision a world where race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, and country of origin, no longer separate us.


SPGreece holds the people we serve as experts on what they need most to thrive. We rely on the people we serve and our field volunteers/employees to drive the evolution of our programs through feedback structures and the willingness to adapt to an ever-changing landscape of social, emotional, political, and health and safety challenges. We seek to create and sustain grassroots structures to address specific resource deficits such as food, housing, and education in doubly-marginalized communities by deploying a decentralized service methodology using volunteers and partnerships with donors, farmers, and other groups or organizations. 







Because we believe that stories and lives of doubly-marginalized refugees matter enough to do the hard work of helping them to create a pathway to a sustainable and fulfilled life that celebrates the unique qualities that each of their lives holds. We recognize the preciousness of each life and believe that dignity and self-actualization-particularity for those most marginalized of the human species—is the key to one's survival. 


Using all the support and resources available to us, we seek to design models for simultaneous social change and social integration that are sustainable and life-affirming on every level. We specifically seek to optimize models and develop best practices that can be deployed in situations where social oppression is present. Our aim is to share all that we learn and the resources we have freely with others doing similar work around the world. 

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By creating support, shelter, and integration models in Greece that address a variety of needs and employ a spectrum of approaches, we allow the team and the beneficiaries to take a more nuanced approach to create and define what a successful outcome looks like. Using feedback and team observation, we are able to continually adjust our approach and resources to the changing internal and external conditions of the population we serve and to share those changes with our partners around the world in real-time. 

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Get involved

Intern Opportunities

As we continue to grow and increase the numbers of people we serve, support and solidarity are needed more than ever. Take a deeper look at our projects to find a cause you believe in!


Become a community ambassador

We understand not everyone can donate money or travel to our project locations, so learn how to support us from your hometown! 

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