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LGBT+ refugees in Greece face a double challenge. Though they may have escaped war or persecution in their home country, they often end up in refugee camps where they face homophobia from their fellow refugees. Many live in fear of coming out, under threat of violence or discrimination from those around them.
Members of the LGBT refugee community are doubly marginalized, as they are attacked by the refugee communities from their home regions and shunned by the native Greek population. Many people in this community face discrimination, physical and verbal abuse, death threats, and homelessness. Economic and social pressures leave this group vulnerable to sexual violence, abusive relationships, forced sex work, drug abuse, and medical issues such as sexually transmitted infections.
Athens Housing Collective helps LGBT+ refugees in Athens leave the camps or escape homelessness, housing them alongside others from their community for up to one year and providing support, resources, and job training.
Each resident has their own caseworker to track their progress and aid their needs while they focus on integration into Greek life and finding work. 
The  AHC Community Center offers language courses, job training, songwriting and theater workshops, hot meals, showers, laundry facilities as well as a complete online learning center. Many of the members using the community center are on AHC's housing waiting list but are currently sleeping on the streets. The AHC community center provides warm inclusive family atmosphere of motivation and support. This is only possible through the continued donations of amazing donors  who reach across the world to lend their support to these courageous. 

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12 safe houses

4 monthly group events/workshops

5 days a week language courses

1 Weekly casework support meetings

700 USD per month for daily hot lunches

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