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Volunteer positions open at the Athens Community Center:
Minimum 3 months commitment for each volunteer position

  • Greek Language Teachers

  • English language teachers

  • Open workshop teacher (ideas welcome aimed at integration/job skills, art therapy)

  • Events and Outreach Planner (plans weekly community events and larger Athens-wide organization events)

  • In-kind donations coordinator


If none of the volunteer positions seem like a  match  for your skill set and interests but you would like to offer our community of doubly marginalized a workshop series or other skill/ training program please send us a specific proposal of exactly whay you would like to share and the timeline you are proposing to share it in.

We are deeply grateful for your interest and support for Safe Place International

As you might Imagine, our staff stays focused on housing and providing basic necessities to the population we serve and can often take a  few weeks to respond to applications.

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